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Articles of Interest

Learning Attention Issues

If your child has a learning attention issue click below at Find Out More to read a great article on Martial Arts and Children with learning attention issues.  We at More Than Kicks have  great success working with the children that have learning attention issues.   We teach everything the article suggest is important for a child with learning attention issues.   One way we are more than kicks... Read More: Web Version    PDF Version

Great Article on Controlled Breathing

One of the greatest challenges we run into are children's tempers aka self control.  There are various reasons for their frustration.  However one of the techniques we like to use to help them control their temper is to teach a child to breath and relax.  The links below are to a very good article on why breathing works and incorporates a technique. ​Practicing the 4-7-8 Method. The 4-7-8 numbers in the method's name refer to the counts when breathing in, holding your breath and exhaling. To practice 4-7-8 breathing:

1. Start by sitting up straight in a comfortable position.

2. Next place the tip of your tongue on the ridge of your gums, just behind your upper front teeth.

3. Expand your diaphragm (stomach goes out) and slowly inhale through your nose for a count of four.

4. Hold your breath for another count of seven.

5. Open your mouth slightly, keeping your tongue in place, and exhale (stomach goes in) for a count of eight.

6. Repeat this cycle four times.

Read More:  Web Version  PDF Version

2019 Celebration and Graduation Dates

Additional Information

C-1 February 15th

0 Week March 25th to 29th                    

C-2 April 5th

C-3 May 17th

0 Week  July 1st to 5th

C-4 June 28th                                     

C-5 August 16th

C-6 September 27th

C-7 November 8th

C-8 December 20th (Pot Luck End of Year Celebration)

Zero Weeks Are:

The week of Spring Break

The week of 4th of July

Two weeks over Winter Break

December 23rd to January 6, 2020

We will be closed December 23rd to December 29th