Join us Fri, December 20th at 6:30 PM for our black belt graduation in Bragan HaLl

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Beginner Course

We can talk all day long about how we teach confidence, respect, self-discipline and how to defend yourself.  It is easier if you come in and see why our students learn not only a proven self-defense system but why our students learn more than kicks.  

We Offer Two Types of Programs

 1. American Kenpo karate programs for children, teens, and adults.   These programs include the wearing of a uniform, awarding of belts and required curriculum to achieve the belts. This program is where we discuss and teach the life skill benefits of martial arts. 

2.  Teen and Adult Self-defense.  This program is strictly self-defense and self-defense philosophy.

Our Specials Include:

One Lesson for

American Kenpo Karate Classes or

Teen/Adult Self Defense Course

Classes Are

Children (4-11)

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday @ 6 PM

Teens and Adults

Monday & Wednesday @ 7 PM

Tuesday @ 5 PM

Teen and Adult Self Defense

Monday & Wed @ 8 PM

If you are shopping around please be sure to ask these questions:

Do they have belt fees?  With us our students have to earn their belt,  not buy it. 

Do they require a deposit or registration fee?  We do not!

Do they require you sign a year contract?  We do not!

Do they require or try to sell you a long term contract after the first contract called Black Belt Club?  We do not!

Do they have written and video curriculum as training aides?  We do!

Please contact us 

Call or Text 954-488-0789, Click or Stop By.​

Please visit Articles of Interest for additional information on why and how we are more than kicks.